Wesley Ignacio

Wesley Ignacio

Wesley Ignacio

The Brazilian producer and musician Wesley Ignacio was born at April 9, 1997, grew up listening to and making many songs, got into the professional music scene in 2014 with bootlegs releases.

Childhood and Youth:

Wesley Ignacio was born into a family with big musical historic, his uncle was a member of an ex-band, his brother, father and cousins also played instruments. He began playing a small keyboard, which learned alone to play at the age of four, when had six years old began to compose his firsts tracks with a keyboard and an acoustic guitar. At 10, he got into music production scene using his first computer. After that, he was discovering new tools and skills on the software and make new relations with producers and music industry professionals.

“I’ve learned a lot from videos on the web, reading books, watching pro mixing sessions, all of this basically made me who I am like a musician, everything which I learned I use to improve my skills as a producer, lyricist songwriter and even as an engineer” (Wesley Ignacio, 2018)

While makes music at home, Wesley started to curse the Public Relations college in Brazil, to improve the relations with his fans and public.

Debut Album:

When Wesley Ignacio released “Happy Hour” he decides to release not another original single, but a complete album. Therefore, to focus on this new project Wesley stopped to make bootlegs and remixes to start producing his debut. In meantime, Wesley starts to record covers on YouTube, with only a piano and voice he recorded several covers from TOP 100 Billboard tracks. With the pop influences on the radio and the covers itself, Wesley changed completely his strategy and starts to produce tracks using pop as a main genre and EDM as an influence merging it with the rock. To conclude what he had done, in April 2018 Wesley released “World of Experiences” a track that features a disco sound typically from 80’s decade. At beginning of 2018, Wesley got a proposal from Kobalt Music Group to distribute his track worldwide through AWAL UK Ltd, and then a Recording Rights contract was signed. Since there, Wesley started to release one track per month, intending to release at the end of 2018 the full debut album titled “#Alone”.

Influenced by Charlie Puth, Post Malone, The Chainsmokers, Coldplay, Kygo and more, Wesley produces songs in the Pop genre with influences of the Electronic Dance Music, pop/rock, and Rnb.

Wesley Ignacio

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